Author Lynette Edwards

'Everything in life is a lesson or a blessing'

Lynette Edwards was born and raised in the Southern state of Louisiana. She has been a published author since 2011. Within the last seven years Lynette has had the pleasure of reaching readers on a national level via television and by attending a national gallery book tour. In addition Lynette has traveled to multiple states as a featured Author. 

Upcoming events for 2018 include the 2nd annual Literacy Weekend in New Orleans, La, A Literacy Affair in Gaffney, South Carolina, a book release party in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a book signing in New York City. 

Lynette enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. Her goal is to one day travel across America and leave an impact on all those around her through her written words.

Lynette believes that everything happens in life is either a lesson or a blessing.

She is determined to make the best out of life’s situations as she firmly believes that 


Be sure to follow Lynette for upcoming book releases in the Spring and Summer 2018.